1/12 Scale Calculator

This is a useful Scale Calculator which will automatically convert
dimensions to the standard 1/12th Doll House Scale : (1inch to the foot).

This Miniature Scale Calculator and Conversion Chart for miniaturists is very simple to use.

The top row of numbers is for the real world sizes and the bottom row is for the 1/12 scale miniature sizes.

Just type in a value into any of the 8 boxes and hit the calculate button and all 8 boxes will return with the proper conversion value.

This is very useful if you are creating a 1/12 scale miniature from a real world item, For instance if you were making a miniature round table and you measured the diameter of the table top of the real life one as 35 and a half inches you would enter 35.5 in the “Inches Real World” box and press “Calculate”, this would fill all the other boxes in the calculator with the appropriate values automatically, you can check the values in fractions if you wish with the conversion chart.

Have fun.

Note: You must have javascript enabled to use the calculator.

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